How To Make Your Own Bedroom Into A Luxury Resort

Published on 08/02/2021

You don’t have to buy an expensive box spring bed to sleep as restfully as in an expensive hotel room. How the right choice of temperature, bed linen and pillow material also has a positive effect at home. Here are the five tricks of the hotel chains with suitable shopping suggestions.

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How To Make Your Own Bedroom Into A Luxury Resort


As a rule, you buy a new mattress every eight to ten years, as it is then worn out at the latest and should also be disposed of for hygienic reasons. However, many furnishing professionals do not attribute the merit of a good night’s sleep to the mattress, but above all to an inexpensive intermediate layer: the topper. The price of this thin layer, which consists of cold foam or gel, starts at 100 euros. Since there are also different degrees of hardness here, you should definitely test the topper. If you want to do without plastics, you will also find GOTS-certified toppers, which are made exclusively from sustainable materials.

Bed Linen

Hotel beds are associated with the feeling of starched, clean, well-smelling bed linen. This association is deliberately conveyed through the use of white- or at least very light – bed linen, which is used in all well-known luxury hotels. So if you want that instant feeling of cleanliness, you should only choose white bed linen for your own bed. And even if you might think that satin or silk covers are the best quality, most chains still use cotton laundry with a thread count of 300.

Silk Pillows

Silk pillows are pleasantly cool and thus increase sleeping comfort, on the other hand, they protect the hair from knotting and the skin even from wrinkles. Because, unlike cotton pillows, they do not absorb moisture, but leave the skin and hair surface in balance thanks to the natural antioxidants, as a study by the “Journal of Dermatology” from 2014 says.


Because light has a significant influence on sleep behavior, as the much-discussed influence of the blue light on the monitors shows. But it can also simply be the wrong light bulb that robs you of sleep. Hotel chains such as IGH have developed special lighting concepts in their luxury hotel “Crowne” in Atlanta or the “Swissôtel” in Berlin, which have a calming effect on guests with different color schemes. There is a similar effect at home with dimmable, color-changing lamps from Philips, which can be conveniently controlled via the app or Alexa.


The natural body heat rises in the evening and then falls to a minimum during sleep, as the body is at rest. The British organization Sleep Council recommends a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius to avoid waking the body. Small children and the elderly are excluded from this guideline, as they need a higher sleeping temperature, preferably 24 degrees Celsius. To ensure this, high-class hotels have an entire technical concept that regulates the temperature when the windows are closed. That would be a bit too expensive for home use, but you can monitor the temperature with new apps and special handy measuring devices. Incidentally, many of these devices have an additional benefit, such as the SensoPush, which is also used to measure the moisture content of the air.