12 “Free” Home Decorating Hacks

Published on 10/03/2022

Are you looking for inexpensive or free solutions to improve your house? It’s easier than you might imagine. These clever decorating tips demonstrate how to change the look of your spaces with objects you probably already have around the house.

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12 “Free” Home Decorating Hacks


Shop Your Home

Avoid becoming bored with your decorating. Simply because you bought furniture for a particular location doesn’t mean it has to stay there permanently. Instead, swap out furniture like side tables, bar carts, or even pieces of art to create novel arrangements that will instantly update a room. If you’re having problems, try to consider complementary colors or ways to incorporate texture into a space that may not already have it.

Make Custom Pillowcases

Utilize fabric that you already have lying around your home to create unique and interesting pillowcases. Old sweaters, tea towels, or T-shirts may be pieced together to create unique designs and vibrant splashes of color that you won’t find at your typical home store.

When in Doubt, Paint!

Consider painting a plain or outdated piece of furniture with leftover paint from a previous DIY project. It’s remarkable how a vibrant hue, like yellow or blue, can enliven a drab piece of furniture, like a coffee table or dresser, and make it the ideal accent to your room.

Try an Inventive Headboard

Instead of shelling out huge cash for a new headboard, give an old one a makeover by wrapping it in fabric or a blanket. You could even make your own headboard from scratch by upcycling an old door, hanging a beloved blanket or sheet from the wall, or painting a false headboard to add a splash of color.

Experiment with Wall Art

Regularly update your artwork and images, and don’t be hesitant to try new ideas. Whatever speaks to you, whether it’s a quote, a typographic print, or a calendar, you may frame. There are countless ways to customize your wall art, such wrapping your old photo mats in different-colored cloth, framing a beloved scarf, or painting existing frames the same color.

Use Natural Elements

When it comes to giving your home texture, found objects may be incredibly helpful (and easily accessible). It is possible to make wreaths, hooks, or beautiful fillers for vases or table centerpieces out of grasses, branches, pods, and flowers.

Recycle Bottles and Cans

Amazing centerpieces or catchalls can be made from aluminum cans without wraps or glass bottles in unique forms or hues. By painting the interior, you can unify a collection of dissimilar bottles; when united, they’ll make a vibrant design statement in any space.

Personalize with Fabric Paint

A steady touch and some fabric paint are all that are required to transform straightforward essentials into unique showstoppers. To easily change your standard décor items, try stenciling patterns on a range of fabric surfaces, such as carpets, lampshades, chairs, and even pillowcases.

Make Use of Boxes, Crates, and Baskets

There always seems to be too many baskets and bins laying around the house. Use them as both practical and attractive storage. Put loose living room toys in woven baskets, arrange canvas bins in the laundry room to divide whites from colors, or use a wire basket in the bathroom to hold extra toilet paper in a more appealing fashion.

Display Your Collections

A family heirloom may give any mantel or bookshelf a unique personal touch of flair. Examples include vintage milk glass, tools, or old postcards. Giving your area a unique style by displaying items you love can also make you think about special moments, which will make it feel cozier.

Spruce Up Sofas

Even while it is impractical to replace your current couch every time you become tired of it, you may nevertheless give it a little facelift. For a quick-change flash of color, drape a favorite throw blanket over the back of a sofa, or switch out your throw pillows for ones from a different room. A fresh design can be achieved with little to no work by mixing and matching a few different elements.

Convert a Curtain into a Tablecloth

Any room can benefit from the pattern and color that curtains can bring with ease. Repurpose them into a tablecloth for the dining room if you’ve replaced yours in favor of a fresher look but aren’t quite ready to leave with the old window hangings. Just a little clever trimming and hemming will do. (If you lack confidence in your ability to sew, use hemming tape instead!) The opposite is also true—tablecloths make excellent curtains!

Design on a Budget

Being creative when decorating means utilizing the things you currently have. Use these suggestions to update the interior design of your home without breaking the bank.