7 Tips For A Classic Children Wardrobe

Published on 08/03/2022

Here are 7 tips on how you can build a classic children’s wardrobe.

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7 Tips For A Classic Children Wardrobe

Less Is More

The basic rule is: less is more. Avoid too many colors, too many ruffles, embellishments, bows and preferably largely do without the “childish” little pictures on T-shirts and sweaters. We don’t have Hello Kitty, Bob the Builder or Elsa motifs on our clothes. French children’s fashion shows us how stylish this can be. By the way: We are convinced that you can shape children’s tastes at an early age.

Go For Classic Shades

However, not using too many colors does not mean that bright colors are bad – in addition to cream tones, bright pink and bright yellow (especially for rubber boots and rain jackets) are also classic shades. Red and green can also look very nice when arranged correctly. However, our absolute favorite is the color blue – whether light blue, sky blue or navy blue – the color suits almost every child and can be easily combined.

Preferably Timeless

There is children’s clothing that is timelessly beautiful today, and it was already so when we, or even our parents, were children. With good care, such pieces can even be passed on to the next generation. Real classics are, for example, overalls and skirts (corduroy in winter, Vichy check in summer), quilted and wax jackets, blouses with eyelet embroidery, cap sleeves or scalloped hems, shirts and socks with mouse teeth and sailor collars.

Top And Dresses With Peter Pan Collars

Our favorite when it comes to blouses, sweaters and dresses are nice collars. The classic are the beautiful Peter Pan collars (i.e. collars with a rounded end). You will definitely find what you are looking for at French fashion labels such as Jacadi or Cyrillus – here you can always discover more unusual variants, e.g. flower collars.

Stripes And Sailor Look

Stripes always work – striped sweaters and blue and white striped blouses (or dungarees) always look timelessly beautiful, not only for us adults but also for children. Especially in the north, little girls and boys can cut a good figure with a sailor suit – how about a version of Der dashing Ferdl, for example?

Simply Fabulous: Liberty Fabrics And Mille Fleur Patterns!

When it comes to children’s clothing, my absolute favorite fabrics include Vichy checks and Liberty and Mille Fleur patterns. If you choose a blouse with a floral design, make sure that the rest of the outfit is kept simple, otherwise the look will look overloaded. You will find what you are looking for again with the French.

Cardigans Are Always A Good Idea!

In Pünktchen’s wardrobe there are at least as many cardigans as sweaters – and have been since she was a baby. Cardigans can be worn nicely over a blouse, they are very easy to put on and take off and are ideal for the handbag when you are afraid that it might get colder.