Style-Hacks For Tall Men

Published on 02/22/2022

Tall men in particular often wear clothes that don’t fit properly. Isn’t it enough to just do the opposite of what is recommended for a man of smaller stature? Do you also have difficulties finding the right clothing because of your height? We want you to know that’s normal, and we’ll help you come up with a few solutions. Here are some styling tips you shouldn’t be without as a tall man.

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Styling-Hacks For Tall Men


As a tall guy, you’ve probably gotten the tip to only wear dark clothes. We say: Ignore this advice! Layering is the magic word – for example a checked shirt over a band shirt, plus the accessories of the hour aka baseball cap, sunglasses, and dad sneakers.

Avoid Stripes

Although the pattern is trendy, vertical stripes make you look even taller. If you would like to wear something striped, it is better to choose horizontal stripes that break up your appearance. In addition, you should primarily opt for a slightly wider stripe design. Tall people should avoid shirts with thin stripes.

Find The Perfect Suit

When it comes to suits, slim cuts are your friend. If you’re looking for a timeless classic, try a two-button blazer. With this cut, the cuffs usually sit a little higher and make your shoulders appear wider. For a smart look, the sleeves should end at wrist level.

Avoid Jeans That Are Too Tight

We’re all for tailored clothing if by tailor-made you mean tailored. However, try to refrain from wearing overly tight jeans or trousers, as they will accentuate your body shape and only make you look taller and thinner. If you prefer a slimmer style, opt for slim-fitting or tailored pants, which give you the look you want without making you look bigger.

Wear Coats

As a tall man, you can’t go wrong with a long coat. If it’s not 20+ degrees, you throw on a trench coat, which emphasizes shoulders, hips and knees and thus easily balances your proportions. Trench Coats are not just trendy, but also sophisticated, and underrated. If you’re a tall man and want to invest in this quality piece of clothing, make sure it hits at least below the knee, preferably mid-calf. Avoid thigh or waist-length coats as they will only accentuate your height.

Jackets, Always And Everywhere

If you are both tall and slim, you should wear a jacket or blazer whenever possible, as these garments accentuate your shoulders, add a little width and benefit both your look and your style. Be careful not to use too much padding, though, unless you want to go straight back to the ’80s.

Choose Colorful Shoes

A shoe with a print not only adds extra style points to your outfit but draws attention down rather than up. Furthermore, printed shoes tend to visually shorten your feet, another plus since most tall men often have big feet too.

Avoid Low-Rise Pants

It is best not to wear low-slung trousers that visually lengthen the torso. For a more proportionate look, opt for medium to high cuts instead.