Have This In Mind When You Go Shopping

Published on 12/20/2021

Buying the right clothes can be hard. You feel like you are shopping every weekend, but you can never find what you are looking for in your wardrobe. Instead there are a lot of bad purchases, too tight tops or too colorful dresses and you think – what was I thinking? When shopping, we all fall for a lot of tricks that encourage us to buy more – even though we don’t need them! So that this finally comes to an end, we have put together some useful tips for you on how to shop for clothes properly.

Friends Shopping

Have This In Mind When You Go Shopping

Buy What You Love

One of the most important tips for great outfits: You try on the beautiful top in the changing room, but are you unsure whether it really suits you? HANDS OFF! Experience shows that we will NOT wear clothes that we do not love from the start. We just don’t feel comfortable and therefore keep resorting to other things. I think we all have clothes in our closets that we have never worn before.

Buy What’s Worth It

Only buy clothes in the sale if you would pay full price for the things! Do you know the Primark phenomenon? We were blown away by the seemingly insane prices! The shop was full, the customers’ bags were full, and then at the checkout, the shock: We spent a lot more than planned. When we see red price tags, our minds quickly fail and we just buy everything to get as many bargains as possible. But we don’t even need most of the products? At the next sale, always think twice whether you really want / need to have the products. It also makes sense to set a rule: would you pay full price for the product? If you always have this thought in mind, you will be spared expensive bad purchases.

Quality Over Quantity

Pay attention to the quality! The top from New Yorker may be cheaper than those from other shops. However, experience has shown that you will not benefit from it for long. If the quality is not so good, the clothes will shrink, deform or lose their color quickly. Sometimes you have to invest a little more if you want to get something out of it in the long term. A fine purse from Michael Kors, for example, enhances every outfit more than a poorly made purse from Chinese dealers. In addition, you will benefit from it for many years.

Stay Basic

It doesn’t always have to be totally fancy! Research has shown that unusual clothing is also worn less often. Perhaps you should orient yourself more towards the basics and upgrade your outfits with various accessories, such as various statement necklaces or XXL scarves. You don’t have to buy new clothes all the time, but you still manage to vary your style and always look stylish.

Stay True To Yourself

Don’t disguise yourself! Stay true to your style, because this is the only way you will feel good in your own skin. When you go shopping with friends, you can easily be influenced and persuaded to make purchases that you would normally not make. Only buy what you really like, otherwise, you will quickly look disguised. It also depends on how you present your outfit! If you are not feeling comfortable in it, it will be obvious. Be confident in your clothes and everyone will admire you!