How To Decorate Your Living Room In 6 Steps

Published on 04/11/2021

The decoration is the icing on the cake of every facility because it makes the room comfortable and cozy, underlines the respective style and personality of the residents, completes the choice of furniture, colors, and materials, and is crucial for the feel-good factor in every home. Today we are showing you a few great decoration ideas with which you can give your living room the finishing touch.

Modern Living Room

How To Decorate Your Living Room In 6 Steps


For many people today, books are yesterday’s news and are actually completely superfluous with the arrival of tablets and e-books. However, apart from the nostalgic reading feeling, they also cut a great figure as decoration in the living room. A well-filled bookshelf exudes coziness and warmth, conveys a cozy ambiance and says a lot about its owner.


Textiles are our number one decoration accomplice when it comes to designing a cozy living room. Carpets, curtains, blankets, and pillows underline the respective furnishing style and are the salt in the interior design soup. Important: It is essential to match the colors of the respective fabrics. This does not mean that you always have to hit exactly the same tone, but a certain color palette should be in focus and can then be interpreted in different nuances.


Indoor plants that bring life and naturalness into the living room are just as important as textiles. But you should always note that these decorative objects are living roommates who want to be cared for accordingly. When choosing indoor plants, it is not only their appearance that is important but also the amount of care required. Do you want plants that look very nice, but still not require too much care?


Mirrors are especially for small living rooms a very great and effective decoration idea. With the help of mirrors, the room usually seems bigger and even dark corners will suddenly look brighter. We can only recommend it as an essential decoration for your living room.


Even if clean all-white looks and neutral tones are currently very popular in interior design, nobody can deny the valuable effect of a little color. With small color accents, you bring a breath of fresh air into the facility and give it personality and character. Either individual accessories such as pillows, candles, curtains, or vases can act as a splash of color, or you can use your favorite color over a larger area – for example in the form of wallpaper, a carpet, or entire pieces of furniture.


The lighting has a big influence on whether we feel comfortable in a room or not. For the living room, experts recommend using as many light sources as possible instead of a large, central one that mercilessly illuminates everything. Instead, it is better to conjure up a cozy and atmospheric atmosphere with table, floor and hanging lamps as well as indirect lighting.