4 Expensive Restaurants That Are Worth Trying Out

Published on 04/24/2022

Gastronomy is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Annually, people spend over $1,000 billion in restaurants. Some even travel across the globe just to eat at a particular restaurant. These guests in particular are impressed by the luxurious gourmet temples, not only because of the food and the furnishings, but also because of the high prices. The following ten restaurants are among the most expensive in the world.

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4 Expensive Restaurants That You Should Definitely Check Out

Kitcho, Kyoto (Japan)

Works of art are served in the kitcho. The menus are characterized by something special: the guest cannot choose what he would like to eat. The team around the three-star chef Kunio Tokuoka, the grandson of the founder Teiichi Yuki, puts together a traditional Japanese menu that visitors have to get involved with. The food is often touted as “out of this world”. The culinary journey of culinary delights introduces gourmets to the tradition of Japanese kaiseki. This denotes light food served at the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Of course, you don’t want to be disappointed with the anticipation – and the prices. That’s why the restaurant gives the guest the opportunity to say which dishes they don’t like when they make the reservation. This service does not cost extra. However, the rest has it all. The Kitcho in Kyoto attaches great importance to the culinary tradition. That’s why Tokuoka works with many details such as color contrasts between the food and the plate or an elaborate presentation. This has its price. The multi-course tea ceremony costs about $600.

Masa, New York

The Masa in New York City is not much cheaper than the restaurant above. The owner and chef Masa Takayama has Asian roots and has been awarded three Michelin stars. There is no set menu at the Time Warner Center, guests are served a selection of fresh dishes. During a three-hour culinary event, there is carefully prepared sushi – the most expensive ever. The ingredients are flown in fresh from Japan every day, and the head chef greets the guests personally. Only 26 people can be seated here, so reservations must be made at least a month in advance. It is furnished in a very minimalistic way, there is no music, special color schemes or windows. This expensive restaurant only focuses on the dining experience. The costs are easy to explain. The menu costs about 400 euros – without drinks and taxes – making it the most expensive restaurant in the USA. The drinks also have it all. A pot of Kikuhime sake is $400, and a bottle of 1995 Chateau Margaux Bordeaux is $1,500. And if you need to cancel the reservation, there’s an additional $200. But for the gourmet menu you get luxurious materials, fresh and specially flown-in ingredients and a special preparation method…

Le Meurice, Paris

Among all top chefs, Alain Ducasse is considered a perfectionist. The three-star chef impresses the critics year after year with the special creations that give him top marks. He owns some of the most expensive restaurants in the world, including the Parisian “Le Meurice”. In the luxury hotel with the historic dining room, he and his team serve a 3-course menu of selected specialties. The restaurant is decorated in Versailles style with crystal chandeliers, marble and bronze and offers a great view of the Tuileries Garden. Guests pay around 480 euros for a menu with three specialities, a selection of cheeses and a dessert. Then there are the drinks. House treats include lobster and potatoes, guinea fowl pies and a huge selection of chocolates and fruits.

Alain Ducasse At The Dorchester, London

The star chef also has an exclusive restaurant in London. Here, too, enjoyment comes first, as guests can see for themselves with the 7-course menu. This is seasonally coordinated and consists of exquisite ingredients. The culinary seasonal experience in the British capital costs the equivalent of around 210 euros.