The Most Extraordinary Restaurants in Italy

Published on 07/05/2021

There is nothing more exciting than a wonderful and relaxing trip to Italy. Italy is known for its great architecture, museums, culture, fashion and its amazing food. There is so much great food, that you might feel overwhelmed and don’t know what restaurants to try. Don’t worry! In this article, we will show you the finest and most popular restaurants in Italy, that you definitely have to try!


The Most Extraordinary Restaurants in Italy

La Pergola

The “La Perogla”, is one of the best Italian restaurants, in one of the most stunning locations! The restaurant is located in the Cavalieri in Rome, a breathtaking scenery that you will never forget. The restaurant is part of the famous Waldorf Astoria and offers only the finest dishes made with fresh ingredients by the Michelin cook Heinz Beck. The star chef Heinz Beck is known for its wonderful play of colors and ingredients, as well as his delicious fish files. In order to make your visit at the “La Pergola” perfect, you can enjoy your meal with an amazing wine out of the Peroglas famous wine cellar, that offers a variety of more than 60,000 bottles of the most exquisite wine. If you decide to try the amazing star restaurant, be aware of the dress code!

Da Vittorio

The idyllic restaurant “Da Vittorio” is a family run star restaurant, that is located in Bergamo, a city in northern Italy. The restaurant that opened in 1966 already received many Michelin stars and has 3 Michelin stars as of now. The restaurant combines the finest dining with a romantic scenery and is known for its fresh ingredients and delicious dishes that are perfect until the last little detail. The “Da Vittoria” is the perfect restaurants for a romantic unforgettably evening, but is also perfect to enjoy a great meal with your whole family.

Osteria Francescana

Have you ever heard of the Italian restaurant “Osteria Francescana”? If not, then you have to continue reading now! The famous Italian restaurant, is located in the Italian city Modena and run by one of Italy’s most famous chefs, Massimo Bottura. It is not without a reason, that the restaurant is known as one of the finest and best restaurants in Italy. The “Osteria Francescana”, received over the years 3 Michelin stars, which is the highest amount of stars a restaurant can receive. The restaurant is not only known for its charming scenery, but also for the aesthetic way in which star chef Massimo Bottura designs and presents his dishes. Some of the most popular dishes are “Modenese Tortelini with Parmegianno Reggiano Cream”, “Lobster in double sauce” and “Filet à la Rossini with foie gras and caviar”.

Le Calandre

The restuarant “Le Calandre” is run by Italian star chef Massimilano Alajamo and has 3 Michellin stars. The star chef focuses on the combination of art and food, which offers the customers an unforgettable experience. The restaurant that is located in the city of Rubano, which is located in the stunning province of Padua. The restaurant got so famous, that it already opened at many locations throughout Italy. If you plan a trip to Italy soon, you definitely have to try the restaurant “Le Calandre” to get an unforgettable experience.