The Most Luxurious Restaurants Around The World

Published on 02/18/2021

Do you like to try new food and experience the ambience of a nice and luxurious restaurant? If the answer is yes, then this article is the right one for you! In this article you will find the most luxurious and glamours restaurants around the world.

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The Most Luxurious Restaurants Around The World

Ithaa Undersea- Maldives

The Ithaa Undersea restaurant in the Maldives is the first underwater restaurant and is located on the Rangali Island in the Maldives. Dining in this restaurant will give you an unforgettable experience. The restaurant is designed with a panoramic view, which offers you to enjoy the view of the Indian Ocean, with all its coral garden and marine life. The restaurant has space for 14 guests and is very exclusive. Every guest can choose between a four-course lunch or a six-course dinner, as part of their undersea dining experience. If you want to enjoy the exquisite food cooked by the famous Italian chef Marco Amarone, you have to stay in the main 5-star resort “Conrad Rangali” on the island. The special and unforgettable dinning experience under the sea, will cost you about $350 per head.

Kitcho Arashiyami, Tokyo, Japan

The Kitcho Asashiyama in Tokyo, Japan, counts to one of the most luxurious and expensive restaurants around the world. The restaurant is not only known for its amazing ten-course tasting menu, but also for the beautiful decoration and surrounds of that make the Kitcho Asashiyama so special. The restaurant based in Tokyo, is run by the star chef Kunio Tokuoka and has three Michelin stars. The restaurant only cooks with the best seasonal ingredients and will offer you a real mouthwatering experience. The average dining experience in the famous Japanese restaurant, will cost you between $380 and $570 per head.

Restaurant De L’Hôtel De Ville- Crissier, Switzerland

The Restaurant De L’Hôtel De Ville in Switzerland, counts to the best restaurants around the world. If you are ready for an 11-course meal, including mussels with saffron, pip consommé with caviar, beef drilled with wild pepper, fresh salad leaves and fillet of lamb that this restaurant is the right place for you. The amazing restaurant has three Michelin stars and offers amazing dishes by the renowned chef Frank Giovanni. Besides the great food, the architecture of the restaurant and the garden connected to the restaurant are magical as well. This exquisite dinning experience is with $415 per head not cheap, but worth every penny!

Masa, New York City

The restaurant called “Masa” which is located in New York City, is one of the most famous sushi restaurants around the world. The restaurant is led by the top chef Massa Takayama. The special thing about the famous sushi restaurant is, that they do not have menus. The chefs are preparing you a special dish, only with the ingredients available on the same day. The special dinning experience has its price. A dinner at the exquisite “Masa” restaurant, will cost you about $600 per person.

Ultraviolet, Shnaghai, China

The famous restaurant “Ultraviolet” in Shanghai, is a real experience. For around $900, you can enjoy a 10-20 tasting course. The restaurant can accommodate around ten people. The restaurant is not only known for its amazing food, but for the extraordinary presentation of it. The restaurant likes to play with sounds, smells and visual effects to create an unforgettable dinning experience for their guests. The restaurant is run by chef Paul Pairet and has three Michelin stars.