The Most Luxurious Apartments In The World

Published on 02/21/2021

There are many people who don’t know what to do with their money. How good that there are others who have a solution for this. Brokers, for example. Because if you buy the following apartments and are still a millionaire, you’ve made it.

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The Most Luxurious Apartments In The World

Tour Odeon, Monaco

The costs of this penthouse are unbelievable 380 million euros. Still interested? Then find out what you get for this sum: around 2,800 square meters of living space including a dance floor, in-house catering service, infinity pool with water slide and porter 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hyde Park Penthouse, London

Anyone who can afford an apartment here for around 223 million euros will get an all-around carefree security package for this money: The windows are made of bulletproof glass, the house is monitored around the clock by Special Forces employees. You can still hoard a few cash reserves under your pillow or in your socks. Those who do not want to leave their own four walls for sport can look forward to a golf simulator. With almost 1,600 square meters, there is no shortage of space

432 Park Avenue Penthouse, New York

At the Park Avenue Penthouse, you can live in the second tallest residential building in the city. And there is enough space to celebrate. The terrace offers space for 300 guests (more than the ballroom in the Winter Garden Penthouse a few streets away) and underfloor heating in the bathrooms. There is no shivering. At most when it comes to numbers: around 90 million euros.

Opus Apartment Penthouse, Hong Kong

Star architect Frank Gehry himself designed this 12-story luxury building, in which each apartment, including the private pool, comprises an entire floor. That means a good 502 square meters – for around 54 million euros. Built above the roofs of the metropolis of millions, it offers privacy and a fantastic view.

Clermont Residence Super Penthouse, Singapur

For around 44 million euros, you can also live nicer in the pulsating metropolis Singapore. In the tallest residential building in the city, the buyer can expect a three-story penthouse including a garden on the roof – and all of this on around 1,960 square meters.

Penthouse 15 Central Park West

There are many excellent homes in Manhattan, but Penthouse 15 Central Park West is definitely something that stands out. In late 2011, the 2,000 square meter penthouses were purchased for a whopping $88 million. The apartment has 10 rooms including 4 bedrooms, a spacious terrace with an area of over 700 square meters, 4 bedrooms, and 2 wood-burning stoves.

One 57 Winter Garden Penthouse, New York

Do you love yoga and your dog? Then this is the right address for you: for around 108 million euros you can get a yoga studio and a dog hairdresser in an area of around 1,200 square meters in addition to spacious living space! Do you make mistakes on Facebook more often and invite everyone to their birthday instead of selected friends? No problem. Because the price includes a room that can accommodate 200 guests. Not bad, right?